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Best Photography Institute In Kolkata

Experience Photography Learning Never Before With 100% Job Placement!

Join RAP Education, the best photography School in Kolkata to learn the hidden aspects of a successful professional photography career. Our photography institute offers the best quality education and comprehensive professional support so you can understand different aspects of photography theories and skills in a few months only. Our school offers every ardent photography enthusiast a 100% professional photography career with a guarantee.

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Supporting The Vision of Budding Photography Learners! 

Best Photography Institute In Kolkata

We don't call our photography institute the best! We assure all our photography students the best learning experience, facilities, and career opportunities which is why people appreciate the photography institute as the best photography school. No matter who you are and how much experience you have in photography we assure you a complete photography learning experience at RAP Education Photography Institute along with 100% job placement support. 

  • Comprehensive Photography Courses ✔️

  • Internationally Accepted Diploma Certification ✔️

  • Photography + Video Postprocessing Classes ✔️

  • Unlimited Free Practical Photography Classes ✔️

  • Photography Competitions and Recognization ✔️

  • Monthly Examinations and Publication ✔️

  • Lifetime Membership in Freelancers Network ✔️

  • Monthly Photography Discussion Sessions ✔️

  • Photography Project Grant for Students ✔️

  • Free Lifetime 100% Data (RAW Image) Recovery (For Students) ✔️

Number: 8017360012/ 7439637700 

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Best Photography Courses

Best nature photography, culture photography, fashion photography, wedding photography, event photography, product photography and various other photography and videography courses at your convenience. 

Whether it's an aspiring professional photographer or someone interested in a deeper understanding we have the best photography courses for everyone. Below we have categorized our learning programs into three categories. Contact us at 7439995669/8017360012 to get free counselling.

We have developed a range of photography courses at a budget cost in RAP Education Photography Institute in Kolkata considering the demand of aspiring photography students.​

  1. Fast-Track Understanding (10 Months)

  2. Part-Time Diploma In Photography (15 Months)

  3. Full-Time Diploma In Photography (15 Months)

  4. Advanced Diploma In Photography (18 Months)

Learning with Support

Sony, the world leader in digital imaging technology, and our photography school, one of the premier photography schools in India, have joined forces to create a new era of photography education.

Research-Based Module

In collaboration with our esteemed academic partner, ERAP, RAP Education Photography School in Kolkata is committed to upholding the highest standards of photography learning experience. We meticulously design our curriculum to ensure that every lesson is grounded in thorough research and evidence-based practices. This unwavering commitment to quality empowers our students to grasp the intricacies of photography like true professionals, preparing them for a successful career in the field.

International Publication

At RAP Education Photography School in Kolkata, we recognize the transformative power of publication in shaping a photographer's professional identity. Consequently, we go beyond providing mere publication opportunities; we offer unparalleled support to our dedicated photography students, guiding them towards securing placements in not just one but multiple internationally acclaimed photography magazines. This unwavering commitment extends beyond publication, encompassing a holistic approach to nurturing organic growth and fostering a long-lasting, successful career in the world of photography.

Fashion Workshop Cover

Learn The Craft of Professional Fashion Photography!

Why us?

The pursuit of photography education took flight in 2013 when Riddhi Bhattacharjee established, an academic network for photography enthusiasts. This venture evolved into ABCDSLR in 2015, but neither platform gained traction due to the Indian photography industry's nascent understanding of the importance of research-based photography education.

Undeterred, Riddhi Bhattacharjee relaunched ABCDSLR as RAP Education Photography Institute (Redefining Art Photography Education) in 2021, this time as an online photography learning platform. Post-pandemic, inspired by his students and passionate photography enthusiasts, Riddhi rekindled the dream of an offline photography learning venture, giving birth to the RAP Education Photography Institute.

Today, the institute draws photographers from across India and different parts of West Bengal, not just to acquire photography skills but also to comprehend the nuances of building a stable photography career. RAP Education is dedicated to fostering a learning environment that empowers photographers to excel in their craft and navigate the path to a successful professional journey.

Unlock a Lifetime of Photographic Mastery at RAP Education Photography School


Photography is taught in two parts - skills in the first and composition in the second.

  • ​Understanding Photography Skills ✔️
  • Understanding Photography Composition ✔️
Culture Photography by Riddhi Bhattacharjee


Learn to capture stunning and meaningful images with the help of a new photography classification.

Learning photography or the meaning of a composition can be tricky. Photography hasn't been classified since its commencement. In RAP Education Photography Institute, you get a new photography classification at the beginning of this course. So you not only learn photography but understand how to capture meaningful photographs.


Pass the examination ➡️ Get certificate

RAP Education Photography Institute is now registered under the Euro Universal Accreditation Systems, International Accreditation Forum and MSME Act as a government-approved training institute. Once you finish the entire course and pass the examination, we will provide you with a certificate.

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