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RAP -Redefining Art Photography Education- Education Academy is the world's first photography composition and aesthetics tutoring institute. Its singular motto is understanding and teaching the language of visuals to enrich art and different means of visual recreation. In 2016, Riddhi Bhattacharjee founded it to diminish the wild notion of purposeless photography. Since then, we have been exploring approaches to support the photography artist's community with extensive knowledge and guidance.​ Until the COVID-19 pandemic, this guidance was only possible in West Bengal, India. To a few numbers of photographers only. Now we provide photography courses across the county both offline and online.


The most affordable and effective photography learning!

✔️ Unique and research-based course module

✔️ Free-Practical photography classes

✔️ Lifetime learning support

✔️ Photography career guidance

✔️ Free-Post processing training (Fundamental)

✔️ Most affordable photography course in India

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Learn photography with a purpose!

The internet is full of images. Almost 70 per cent of the internet is nothing but digital images. These images are flying across the globe through the internet and communicating haphazardly with your mind every day. Understanding the impact of an image is not only significant in commercial happenings, but it's also meaningful for society. After the intervention of cameras in smartphone technology, the significance of photography education has become a matter of mass education. Therefore RAP Education photography academy started this venture to educate more and more people can participate in photography learning at a budget price.

So people can learn photography with a purpose for the betterment of nature or the culture.

"The camera is the best weapon to open the blacked and blurred vision of the civilization. Use it to capture at least one photograph, which could illuminate the vision of civilization."

Riddhi Bhattacharjee, Founder

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