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Best Photography Club in Kolkata

Best Photography Club In India

Join the community to learn limitless photography skills with us!

Free Photography Workshops In Kolkata!

Except for fashion photography workshops, all the photography workshops we conduct are free for our club members! Before joining any comprehensive and expensive photography course we recommend joining the club.


All our workshop is designed for all levels of photographers, from beginners to professionals. You'll learn new techniques, get hands-on experience, and have the chance to network with other photographers. The workshop is being held at a beautiful location and is completely free to attend. Make sure to sign up soon before it fills up!!

Get a 30% Discount on every Fashion Photography Workshop!

We conduct fashion photography workshops across India in different topics. Understand 

Join Sessions At Your Convenience

RAP Education Photography School shall conduct photography workshop sessions 4 days a week. Join any of our outdoor photography sessions at your convenience. Once you join the Students Skill learning club of RAP Education Photography School you will get notifications of every outdoor workshop one month in advance.


  1. You must have a camera (phone camera/ compact zoom/ DSLR/ Mirrorless/ Higher)

  2. Workshop timings are the same. We shall conduct all the workshops at 6:00 AM for three hrs. minimum.

  3. You can apply for 15+ different photography workshops for free in a year.

  4. Except for fashion and long-term travel photography workshops, we conduct all the workshops free for the members.*

  5. All the image analysis sessions would be online.

  6. We shall conduct a yearly photography exhibition for the club members & students only.

  7. All the club members shall enjoy special discounts on paid courses and workshops. 

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