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Fashion Week

An Exclusive Fashion Photography Workshop Series With Professional Guidance.

Join our workshop weeks to create a strong and professional fashion photography portfolio to kick-start your fashion photography career.

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Workshop Week Features

4 Professional Workshops

We organise a series of professional fashion photography workshops in Kolkata at a budget price from 25th May to 28th May 2023. In the entire series, you get a complete experience of fashion shooting in different aspects of fashion photography. However, we have also created a provision for taking individual workshops separately for professionals.

Workshop Features

  • Duration: 8hrs. (Per workshop)

  • Number of models: 1 to 2 (Per workshop)

  • Number of makeup artists: 1 (Per workshop)

  • Number of looks: 4 to 5 (Per workshop)

  • Final analysis: One Session for 6 hrs. 


Workshop 01

Expressions In Fashion Photography

In this workshop, we use a blend of artificial and natural light. Our aim for this photography workshop would be to understand how to construct strong expressions in fashion photographs. And how to observe a model so we can utilize their natural abilities in making unique expressions in fashion.

Expression in photography is not merely associated with fashion photography. Rather it's the base of all kinds of photography related to human culture and its associated factors. Let's learn how to use expressions in making more connecting photographs.

Workshop Fees: 4999/-

Workshop 02

Natural Light in Fashion Photography

The best light in fashion photography is available natural light. But to use natural light in favour of the composition, we need to understand the very nature of it.

In this workshop, we will try to understand the utility of natural light in fashion photography. And how we can use the available natural light using our creative abilities. Also, we will learn how to control the dynamic nature of harsh natural light. Besides using lights in fashion, we will also learn all the general aspects of outdoor fashion photography.

Madhurima by Riddhi Bhattacharjee.jpg

Workshop Fees: 4999/-


Workshop 03

Artificial Light in Fashion Photography

Understanding the light is one of the most essential aspects of fashion photography. To make an image unique, you must have a strong grasp of arranging different lights. Also, you must know how to use ordinary lights to create a decisive moment in the composition.

Not only professional studio lights! In this workshop, you learn how to use inexpensive lights in fashion photography to make images more vibrant and dynamic. 

Workshop Fees: 4999/-

Workshop 04

Bold & Boudoir in Fashion Photography

What is bold or boudoir fashion? Let's comprehend these two unconventional pure Western fashion photography styles. Understand how to make a model comfortable in this pure Western form of fashion photography. 


Understand how you can use these two genres of fashion photography to create a strong and professional fashion portfolio. Also, learn how to manage natural and artificial lights in any genre of fashion photography where we use uncovers skin majorly.


Workshop Fees: 7999/-

Things To Know

You can join any of the above-mentioned workshops individually. However, we recommend you join the entire series as it will help you to create a strong and diverse fashion portfolio.

  1. The photographer must have a DSLR camera. ( A prime lens of any focal length can be significantly useful)

  2. The photographer must have a camera and lens operational understanding.

  3. Models are subject to change for obvious reasons. In case we need to change a model for any professional reason, we shall replace that model with someone of the same professionalism and face value.

  4. You need to maintain professional manners during the entire workshop shoot. We shall not entertain any misconduct or misbehaviour of workshop attendees in any circumstances towards anyone on the workshop floor.

  5. Smoking and drinking are strictly prohibited in our workshops.

To know more about our workshops, you can call or message +91 7439995669.

15000/- Only

Now you can take the complete workshop series for  ̶2̶3̶0̶0̶0̶  but 15000 only with some additional learning facilities.

  1. A comprehensive pre-discussion online session with concept-building assistance.

  2. Two comprehensive fashion photography practice sessions with models and makeup artists.

  3. A discount voucher of 15000 rupees for our upcoming exclusive fashion photography course.

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