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Ameature phone photographer's incredible photography can make professionals astonished!

Updated: Sep 18, 2021

A 20-year-old girl Diya Mallick (Neelanjana) has captured the famous mountain of Kanchenjunga with her phone camera only that can make the professional travel and landscape photographers to re-analyze their expertise in photography composition making. As per Neelanjana's narrative, she has taken this photo in a single shot! Also, she has openly acknowledged that she does not possess any specialized expertise in photography.

On 30th December of 2019, Neelanjana was on a bike trip with her friends in West Sikkim for the very first time. In the dawn, when she was ambling the Pelling Skywalk, she noticed an amalgamated reflection of the Chenrezig Statue and the Kanchenjunga range. There she composed this landmarking photograph, 'Unwavering Eyes of The Mountains.' Her exceptional visualization skill does not resemble that in 2019 she was 19 years old at most.

Title: Unwavering Eyes of The Mountains, Photographer: Neelanjana Mallick

This image is a mere example of pleasing compositional arrangement. Instead, it can be excellent learning for all the photographers who are still only concerned about their gadgets to improve their photography expertise. Neelanjana also said that she has not post-processed this image except cropping and a little colour and exposure improvement.

We the viewers perhaps haven't seen this kind of exceptionally unique representation of the mountain Kanchenjunga yet. The sad part is that this image has not yet received any major recolonization from any national or international organizations. So where the shortfall lies? This question is of utmost importance, especially when we are rapidly progressing and adopting photography in our day-to-day life.

The paucity may lie anywhere, but the photographer's fraternity should take an obvious lesson from this brilliant photograph of Neelanjana: we can still create timeless compositions if we do not possess much expertise post-processing and cutting-edge gadgets, photography composition making is primarily an affair of observation and creative implementation.

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Tanumoy Maity
06 ene 2022

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