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Students Work In Progress Series 2022

Photographer: Subhendu Bhowmick

Subject: Culture

Topic: Street Life

Subhendu Bhowmick started his photography learning journey with RAP Education photography school in Kolkata in 2022 September. Here we are publishing some of the recent practice works of Subhendu.

We are glad that our students successfully implemented all the theory modules in their practical photography works. Follow Subhendu to see his future comprehensive photography works.

We focus on theory and subject learning at the beginning of the course. The trainer of RAP Education believes photography is not a mere skill. It can't be learned through practice only. To become a meaningful and notable photographer, you must focus on various aspects of different subjects.

Join our one and only learning program, Understanding Photography to explore the significant facts of nature and culture photography. We provide both online and offline training. Follow the photographer to see her future photography projects.

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