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RAP Education


Learn to capture #heart_winning images in six months.

Why do you want to become a photographer? A proper answer to this question is the requirement to join our learning program. We have started this institute to teach photography as a mainstream subject. No matter who you are and how much experience you have in photography. If you feel you have a learning deficit in photography, you can join it without hesitation. This course has been distributed in three major parts: technical, theoretical, and practical. Join our class to explore the unknown panorama of photography.

Understanding Photography is the most effective and affordable photography learning program. Where you get 

  1. Lifetime photography guidance ✔️

  2. Free practical workshops (Nature/ Culture) ✔️

  3. Free Postprocessing (Editing) classes. ✔️

  4. Revision classes for the lifetime. ✔️


​​​​# We conduct all of our training in three parts:

  • Introduction

  • Technology Understanding

    1. The inside of the lens 

    2. The inside of the camera.

    3. Understanding Light I

      1. Natural Light

      2. Artificial Lights

  • Skills Learning

    1. Advanced camera operations

    2. Advanced lens operations

    3. Myths in the photography industry

    4. Practical workshop I

    5. Post-Processing

  • Subject Knowledge

    1. History of photography I

    2. History of photography II

    3. The classification of photography

    4. The sub-classes of photography

    5. Understanding the story

    6. Art Theories I

    7. Concept Development

    8. Famous compositions

    9. Psychology 

      1. Greyscale

      2. Colours

      3. Grain

      4. Lines

      5. Motion

    10. Understanding Human Emotion

    11. Society and Culture

  • Professional

    1. Visuals For Digital Marketing

    2. Projects I

    3. Projects II

    4. Projects III

    5. Ethics & Responsibility

  • ​We shall disclose the rest after finishing the above part of learning.

* We might modify the syllabus from time to time as per the demand and requirements! 


Here we have uploaded a couple of recent photography works of the students of RAP Education photography school in Kolkata.