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Understanding Photography | Best Photography Courses | Online and Offline

Understanding Photography is the name of our photography training method. You can call it a comprehensive photography learning ritual. We believe photography learning is incomplete without understanding its purpose, application and the very nature of photographs. Therefore, we developed this comprehensive and interesting process so you comprehend every aspect of photography precisely.

Learn to Capture #heart_winning Images From One of the Fastest-Growing Photography Schools in India with 100% Photography Job Placement Opportunities.

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Budget Photography Courses For Everyone. Only 15000 Rupees For Ten Months Of Comprehensive Learning!

Why do you want to become a professional or even a photographer? An answer to this question is the primary condition to join RAP Education Photography School in Kolkata. We started this institute to teach photography at an affordable cost to every photographer with a purpose. In all our photography courses, we help photographers achieve their desired goals in the professional photography world. We have created comprehensive photography courses in four broad types so anyone can fulfil their dream of learning photography.

  1. Short-term Photography Learning | Ten Months

  2. Part-time Diploma in Photography | Twelve Monts 

  3. Full-time Diploma in Photography | Contact Us

  4. Advanced Full-time Diploma in Photography | Contact Us

Our Photography Courses

Below we have provided a brief syllabus of our part-time courses. To know the syllabus of full-time diploma and advanced photography diploma contact us at 7439995669/ 8017360012 or visit our office.

Fast Track Understanding

  • ​​​Introduction

  • Technology understanding

    • Understanding the lens inside

    • Understanding the camera inside

    • DSLR vs. mirrorless vs. phone camera

  • Understanding light I

    • Natural Light

    • Artificial Lights

  • Operation Learning

    • Part I​

    • Part II

  • Advanced camera operations

  • Advanced lens operations

  • Myths in the photography industry

  • Post-Processing Fundamentals

  • Subject Knowledge

    • History of Photography I

    • The classification of photography

    • Understanding the story

  • Fundamentals of composition

  • Psychology, greyscale, colours, grain, lines, and motion

  • Society, culture and nature in photography

  • Projects I

  • Practical workshops I (6 months)​

  • Fees: 15000 Rs Only
  • Duration: 10 Months

Part-time Diploma in Photography

  • ​​Introduction

  • Technology Understanding

  • Understanding the Lens Inside

  • Understanding the Camera Inside

  • DSLR vs. Mirrorless vs. Phone Camera

  • Understanding Light I

    • Natural Light

    • Artificial Lights

  • Operation Learning

    • Part I​

    • Part II

  • Advanced Camera Operations

  • Advanced Lens Operations

  • Myths in the Photography Industry

  • Practical Workshop I (Student's Gallery)

  • Post-Processing Fundamentals

  • Subject Knowledge

    • History of Photography I

    • The Classification of Photography

    • The Sub-Classes of Photography

  • Understanding the Story

    • Art Theories I

    • History of Photography II

    • Concept Development

    • Famous Compositions

  • Fundamentals of Composition

    • Different Aspects

    • Psychology 

    • Greyscale

    • Colours

    • Grain

    • Lines

    • Motion

  • Understanding Emotion

  • Understanding Consciousness

  • Professional Post-Processing 

  • Society & Culture in Photography

  • Nature & Culture in Photography

  • Professional Guidance

  • Visuals for Digital Marketing

  • Projects I

  • Projects II

  • Projects III

  • Ethics & Responsibility

  • Examination

  • ​We Shall Disclose the Rest of the Photography Course Syllabus After Finishing the Above Part of the Learning.

  • Fees: 36000 Rs Only (EMI 3000)
  • Duration: 12 Months

Courses Features

We have tried to bring a global standard photography education system to India for the first time. We can assure you the best learning experience and such facilities that no other organization can deliver at a budget cost. We also provide:

  1. 100% placement for diploma students

  2. Research-based theory and never seen practical photography learning that you can't find in other organizations or even the internet.

  3. Student's photography gallery publication. 

  4. Internationally accepted certification.

  5. Professional photography career-related support.

  6. Free professional photography website.

  7. Free lifetime photo and video recovery services.

  8. Photography project grants. And many more...

best photography courses

Full-time Diploma in Photography

Now join our full-time diploma in photography and advanced diploma in photography courses with 100% professional photography career support. You can also choose your specialization in our diploma courses.

A vision of providing 100% career opportunities to every photography student is not a mere marketing text. We affirm our statement. No matter who you are and how much experience you have in photography. You can join our photography courses without any hesitation. All our photography courses cover three essential aspects to develop photography skills like the masters of photography: technical, theoretical, and practical photography learning to ensure a powerful and complete photography learning experience.

Diploma in Nature photography

 Nature Photography 

Photojournalism Diploma in Kolkata


diploma in product photography

 Product Photography 

best fashion photography course in kolkata

 Fashion Photography 

Now Get a Personal Website for FREE!

free website for photography students

Are you a photographer looking to display your portfolio online? It's crucial to have a website that represents your work professionally. Fortunately, our photography school has decided to build a free website for every student of ours.  A website that showcases your best work and entices potential clients. Why wait any longer? Start learning photography with us and elevate your photography career to new heights!


Here we have uploaded a couple of recent photography works of the students of RAP Education Photography School in Kolkata. Visit the photography gallery of the students to understand how we help them in understanding photography and crafting visual stories like professional photographers. 

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We provide fundamental post-processing training and assistance free to the students.

We have decided to make all the post-processing training free as the requirement for post-processing carries in different fields of photography. Therefore, offering a standard module in post-processing is almost impossible. However, you can easily find some post-processing training on the internet. However, none of them is effective in photography. We can assure you that!

Rap Education monthly payment


We don't charge the entire fees in advance! Not even any big percentage of the fee. Just pay your fee per month. 😃

bird photography

Get Unlimited Guidance From The School Team


Free Professional Guidance

And Many More...

  • Free Postprocessing Classes
  • Freelancing Career Support
  • Internship Opportunity
  • Free Photography Resources
  • Professional's Community Membership



+91 8017360012/ 7439995669


It's mandatory before enrollment


No extra advance fee!


With your camera, pen and copy

Turiyam by Riddhi Bhattacharjee_edited

Class Schedules


RAP Education conduct all the photography sessions in small groups. After COVID, we restarted the school a few months back in August 2022. We are trying to arrange more sessions on weekdays, so we can prove this affordable learning module to more and more serious photography learners.

Morning/ Evening


Morning/ Evening


Evening/ Night


To learn about the schedule of our full-time photography courses, contact us. The official time to contact us over the phone is 8.00 AM to 8 PM. Or you can WhatsApp us anytime using the same number +91 8017360012.👇


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