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RAP Education


Learn to capture #heart_winning images in six months from one of the best photography schools in Kolkata, India.

Why do you want to become a photographer? A proper answer to this question is the requirement to join our learning program. We have started this institute to teach photography as a mainstream subject. No matter who you are and how much experience you have in photography. If you feel you have a learning deficit in photography, you can join it without hesitation. This course has been distributed in three major parts: technical, theoretical, and practical. Join our class to explore the unknown panorama of photography.

Understanding Photography is the most effective and affordable photography learning program in Kolkata. Where you get 

  1. Lifetime photography guidance ✔️

  2. Free practical workshops (Nature/ Culture) ✔️

  3. Free Postprocessing (Editing) classes. ✔️

  4. Revision classes for the lifetime. ✔️


​​​​# We conduct Understanding Photography Course in three parts:

  • Introduction

  • Technology Understanding

    1. The inside of the lens 

    2. The inside of the camera.

    3. Understanding Light I

      1. Natural Light

      2. Artificial Lights

  • Skills Learning

    1. Advanced camera operations

    2. Advanced lens operations

    3. Myths in the photography industry

    4. Practical workshop I

    5. Post-Processing

  • Subject Knowledge

    1. History of photography I

    2. History of photography II

    3. The classification of photography

    4. The sub-classes of photography

    5. Understanding the story

    6. Art Theories I

    7. Concept Development

    8. Famous compositions

    9. Psychology 

      1. Greyscale

      2. Colours

      3. Grain

      4. Lines

      5. Motion

    10. Understanding Human Emotion

    11. Society and Culture

  • Professional

    1. Visuals For Digital Marketing

    2. Projects I

    3. Projects II

    4. Projects III

    5. Ethics & Responsibility

  • ​We shall disclose the rest after finishing the above part of learning.

* We might modify the syllabus from time to time as per the demand and requirements! 

Short-term Courses

If you are lookinh for best short-term photography courses in kolkata


Here we have uploaded a couple of recent photography works of the students of RAP Education photography school in Kolkata.