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Featured Work of This Month

Here’s the bottom line: You’re here because you want to learn and evolve. Over the years, our Online & Offline Training have helped students of all ages boost their photographic capabilities. Get in touch today!

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A Mixture of Nature and Culture Photography of the Students 

Here we have uploaded a few photographs clicked by the recent students of RAP Education photography school in Kolkata. RAP Education developed a healthy learning and practising environment so the students can keep themselves highly motivated throughout their learning period. However, we also publish the finest works on a yearly basis. Join our photography learning initiative Understanding Photography to explore further possibilities.

Students Website

Create Your Professional Photography Portfolio With Us.

Welcome to our Photography School's Portfolio Showcase! Explore the stunning visual journey of our talented students through their captivating photography works. Witness the seamless fusion of nature, culture, and society in every frame, reflecting the essence of our photography education. Browse and be inspired by the evolving artistry of our students, a testament to their growth and creativity in the world of photography.

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