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The best approach to start photography!

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

If you are about to start the learning journey, don't skip this article!

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Are you confused before starting the journey of photography?

Is photography an art of representing the idea through image compositions? Is it a pure skill to recreate moments through a camera only? What is the most important aspect of a photograph? Which one is the Truth: the moment of importance or the idea of the author?

These questions are certainly a topic to explore before starting the journey of photography. However, the answers to the questions are still uncertain and need further researches. One should start thinking about all the significant concerns related to photography before starting the learning journey.

Certainly, these concerns will not help you in understanding the camera or acquiring the skills of photography. But it will surely help you to find a purpose in photography that will guide you forever in this wonderful, sometimes frustrating journey.

Before starting the journey of learning photography ask yourself, why photography? Why not other mediums? And how you will be connecting the society with your recreations or the image compositions. Because in the end, if your photography is fruitless to the society then it will be ignored.

Start with a why and the how will surely approach you soon.

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06 de jan. de 2022

Excellent experience ❤️

Rap Education
Rap Education
26 de fev. de 2022
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Thank you!

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